About Our Founder

About Our Founder Jamee Desouza
Before I became a Mother, I was a Model.
I was terrified that I'd get stretch marks when I planned to have my beautiful son. I thought, If I get even one scar, that would be the end of my career and how could I ever feel comfortable in a bikini? I became obsessed with natural skin care research and development. I grew nervous as I got bigger because I couldn't find anything on the market that was reliable enough to give me the confidence and protection I needed throughout my pregnancy. I thought to myself, how do I create something that will take away these fears of mine? and what if I could create something that would take away these fears of all women and give them back the confidence they deserve….
And then it hit me! If I create a skin care solution that prevents stretch marks and also works to minimize the appearance of them with the ingredients working together at the same time, how could this fail? It would be impossible because even if I got stretch marks, the active ingredients would make sure that you couldn't see them! Anything that was out on the market, I thought, let me see what ingredients they are using and use better, more effective oils and add a premium combination that no one has thought of to make the most powerful defense against stretch marks and pre-existing stretch marks that ever existed.
I used my product on myself for 9 months and 6 months while I was losing my baby weight. I continued to use it and did not get a single scar! I felt beautiful, confident and devine! My skin was so silky, soft and hydrated. Shortly after I paid to get my formulation clinically tested. I knew that my product worked but I wanted to be certain that if women were to put their trust in me that I could look them in the eyes and be 100% confident that it worked for all skin types and not just mine. 100% of the women that used my oil during testing had a 98% improvement in their skin over a 4 week period. I am proud to say that Skinomatics body oil is clinically proven and cruelty free.