FAQ About Stretch Mark Body Oil

1. Question: I already have pre-existing stretchmarks, will this still work for me?

Answer: Yes, not only will it help prevent new stretchmarks, our body oil has a high end ingredient that helps to minimize the appearance of pre-existing marks.

2. Question: How often should I use the body oil in order for it to work?

Answer: We recommend you use the body oil at least 3 times per day and as needed if you have extremely dry skin. Please be sure to drink plenty of water in order to keep your skin hydrated.

3. Question: I am already 7 months pregnant. I haven't gotten any stretchmarks yet, do you think it is too late to start using the body oil?

Answer: Not at all! Some moms do not start seeing stretchmarks until after they give birth. We recommend you start using it now to add some extra elasticity before your baby's arrival and continue to use it until at least 3 months after birth.

4. Question: I am not pregnant but I gain and lose weight quite frequently. Can you product work for preventing stretchmarks during weight loss?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! The purpose of our products is to help add in extra moisture and elasticity during any stretching or adjusting of the skin. 

5. Question: Are your products safe and free of toxins?

Answer: Yes! Our products are natural and completely safe for your and your baby.

6. Question: I am nervous because this is my first time being pregnant and very scared that I will get stretchmarks. How do you know that the products work?

Answer: Our body oil was tested on 30 different women and 100% of them said that it increased elasticity and moisture in their skin. Our CEO also used this product during her entire pregnancy and did not get any marks. We are confident that if used as directed, you will have a very powerful defense against stretchmarks as well.

7. Question: I am not a big fan of oily products. Is your product oily?

Answer: Our body oil is an oil but one of the amazing things about the body oil is that it was formulated to quickly absorb beneath the surface of the skin. Your skin will be left feeling soft and moisturized without feeling like you are soaked in oil. You will fee refreshed and confident.

8. Question: When is your expected launch date? I am extremely excited about your products.

Answer: Our products are set to launch in November 2020. I recommend you to subscribe to our mailing list for the launch because we will have limited stock available.

9. Question: How many bottles will I need to complete my pregnancy.

Answer: You will need between 3 to 5 bottles depending on how often you use the oil.


If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!